VI Digital Money & Blockchain Forum 16 May 2019 in Warsaw

Please be informed that Research&Development Centre GLOKOR will take part in VI Digital Money & Blockchain Forum about Blockchain and digital assets – the prospect of the next decade , 16 May 2019 in Warsaw, at Lazarski University.

During the Forum the following issues will be discussed :

  • technology and security – will blockchain technology continue to be the safest information technology in the world? What would be the threat for her?
  • taxes, law and regulations – will digital currencies enter the mainstream of global finances or will they be blocked by regulators due to concerns about AML? Will countries compete with each other for capital located in digital currencies creating tax and regulatory facilitation, or will they fight it?
  • business and finance – will we wait for Polish unicorns in the blockchain industry? will registration of Polish startups abroad continue? will digital currencies remain mainly of interest due to speculation or other uses (e.g. decentralized applications and organizations, tokenization of assets)?
  • values and attitudes – will the world strive towards centralization and authoritarianism or decentralization and democratization? What will be the greater primacy in 10 years: protection of privacy or the desire to protect citizens from threats?

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