This bread alive – You only gain with our grain!

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This bread is alive –you only gain with our grain!

Many of the products that are offered as healthy are not as such in essence. Increased prices and location in the store on the shelves with eco products guarantees nothing. It could be so different.

One such product may be bread, which despite a growing aversion from nutritionists, is still the basis of the daily diet of most people.

To make sure that our diet has become healthier, we often direct our steps towards the stands of organic bread, dark bread, whole wheat bread …

This is glorious, but even in these kind of products, there can be a trap. However, there are different options available and although it may be hard to believe, the places of creation are often not a bakery run by a craftsman – a healthy eating enthusiast, but research and development centers, which are equipped with the highest-generation laboratories.

A prime example is the Research and Development Center GLOKOR, Gliwice, which has created a new generation of bread.

Alive bread

As we all know, there are various produced bread types available on the market. Each one is fragrant, crisp, looks beautiful and tastes fabulous!

These typical products, despite their grandeur from added sunflower or pumpkin seeds, share a common feature: they are made from dried flour, sometimes with the addition of dried seeds, which do not have, apart from empty calories, any nutritional properties.

Furthermore, to improve dough growth, chemical rising agents are added. Moreover, to brighten the bread’s appearance, bleachers are added. Additionally, to avoid flour spoilage, it is chemically preserved against any biological and nonbiological factors”

Comments for Przeglad Gospodarczy by CBR GLOKOR Chairman Jan Juszczynski.

The science behind our science bread.

Our products, made from germinated seed, are very rich in vitamins and pro-vitamins derived from the breakdown of proteins accumulated for this purpose in the seeds. Sprouts, from which we produce Science Bread, achieve their properties and have the largest amount of processed protein in special conditions. This is a long-lasting process and requires vast knowledge and technological regimes that are achievable thanks to a highly qualified team of experts.

During production, we monitor and seize the optimum technological moment, then we stop the process and commit to producing the mass from which we create our bakery products. In this way, the seeds burst into life thus providing the raw materials for bakery production, which are extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients, unlike traditional breads” as said by our editor GLOKOR’s Chairman.

This invention by Gliwice scientists also eliminates many unpleasant diseases, which may be caused by the dominant, traditional type of bread.

The name of the product is not accidental, it refers to the scientific unit in which for many years a group of scientists has been developing technology and implementing it on the market.

After eating Science bread, there is not only the effect of satiety, the more of it you eat, the better you feel. This is centered on the principle of „Treatment by eating „: we are what we eat.

Moreover, by adding natural strains of bacteria and cinnamon, which work to bring a beneficial effect on the digestive system and act antibacterially on specific strains we promote health ever further” – commented Jan Juszczynski.

Unfortunately, this bread at least for now – can not be bought in a regular store. Studies are still underway to improve the production process and to maximize technological development.

Hopefully, we will face a real revolution in the field of bakery and eating habits.



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