The life is in the Silicon

Life is in the Silicon

One of the most important elements for the functioning of our body is silicon. Although we are not necessarily all aware of this, shortages can undoubtedly lead to notably detrimental consequences.

Silicon actively participates in the biological processes crucial for the body’s operation. These include changes in cell membranes, creating connective tissue, cartilage, bone flexibility and furthermore it strengthens blood capillaries. Shortages often lead to terrifying consequences, such as an imbalance in the proper functioning of the brain, which carries implications for the whole body – leading to weakening of the body’s defense reactions, tiredness, de-concentration, reduced intellectual activity, memory impairment and many other negative effects.

Moreover, the consequences of silicon deficiency are by no means only limited to brain function. It appears to decrease immunity, cases disorders of metabolic processes, accelerates the development of osteoporosis and joint diseases and may result in an increased risk of tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease or stroke.

To address these risks, scientists from the GLOKOR Research and Development Center Gliwice have created a healthy drink in the form of a concentrate that contains easily-absorbed silicon compounds providing a comprehensive purification and regeneration of the body. The drink is still subject to laboratory testing and improvement.

Its consumption brings a number of positive effects such as:

  • Skin becomes smooth and radiant. Thanks to its properties, it regenerates the tissue structure and smoothes the surface of the skin.
  • Improves nail structure.
  • Significantly improves hair structure.
  • Improves visibly skin appearance. Thanks to its properties it increases elasticity and hydration of the skin; the effect of dry skin and irritation disappear.
  • Strengthens the immune system. The effects are noticeable after a few doses.
  • Increases the absorption of calcium and vitamins into the body
  • An acceleration of the recovery process after colds has been observed
  • An accelerated process of removing from the body the effects of alcohol intoxication was observed
  • Binds and removes from the body alcohol and its by-products as a result of disintegration.
  • Helps cleanse the body of toxins, allergens and heavy metal salts
  • Supports the process of stabilizing the level of sugar and cholesterol in the body
  • Helps avoid complications with diabetes
  • Supports the process of housing the microflora of the lining of the digestive system.
  • Supports and eases the process of tolerance following chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Supports the process of ringworm treatment

It should be noted that all action plans and implementation of the GLOKOR Research and Development Center are based on the principle of sustainable development. This is noticeable immediately in CBR GLOKOR laboratories.

The Silicon Project is the next innovation from GLOKOR’s Science Food Series. Currently, CBR GLOKOR is looking for a target investor who will become a beneficiary of our solutions. The trade name will be assigned in consultation with the investor. Hopefully, we will encounter a real revolution in the field of silicon drinks”

Comments for Przeglad Gospodarczy by CBR GLOKOR Chairman Jan Juszczynski