The Association of TOP 500 Innovators reunion

„On the Crossroads of the Science-Based Innovations”

Every year since 2011 alumni of the Top500 Innovators Programme meet up in order to discuss on-going activities related to science, innovation, and knowledge transfer. The goal of the Programme organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education was to send top 500 young professionals for a 10-week training at the best universities in the world (Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Cambridge University, University of Oxford). The Program Alumni keep strong ties and act together to make an impact. Starting from this year Association of TOP 500 Innovators organize an open event for non-members wishing to meet and build a strong and open innovation ecosystem together. Reunion was held on the 17th-18th of May 2018 in Łódź University of Technology in “Sports Bay”. Our CBR was represented by alumnus of the Top500 Innovators Programme and fellow of association Tomasz Kraszewski, PhD.

During two days there were a lot of possibilities to meet world-class experts in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer and to hear the stories of startups that have grown worldwide. Very interesting lecture were given by Professor Alan Barrell DBA.,

Cambridge Worldwide Associate, who inspired people on their way from innovation to worldwide success. The meeting was also occasion to talk about entrepreneurship and innovation with representatives of the embassy of the United Kingdom and the United States.