Investor Relations

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Research & Development Centre GLOKOR Ltd. is a private company operating in the R & D sector, organized as a limited liability company. R&D Centre has the status of a scientific unit on the decision No. 7/CBR/17, as awarded by the Ministry of Economy.


The share capital of RDC GLOKOR is 1,650 million PLN and has been fully paid from the surplus of the business activities.




Key dates in the history of the RDC GLOKOR

  • 1996 – starting operations
  • 2001 – establishment of the municipal engineering department and offering services
  • 2008 – first certification: ISO 9001
  • 2012, September – the opening of a laboratory of chemical analysis
  • 2015, March – obtaining the status of a research and development centre (Decision No. 3/CBR/15)
  • 2016, December – closure of the municipal engineering department
  • 2017, August – re-receiving the status of a research and development centre (Decision No. 7/CBR/17)


RDC GLOKOR has extensive experience in building multidisciplinary teams and conducting R & D works on innovative solutions and their commercialization. Teams are selected depending on needs and scope of the project. Our staff is supplemented and supported most often by scientists from the nearby Silesian University of Technology and numerous scientific institutes in Gliwice, Poland. We also use experts from other research centres in the country and abroad.

In addition, the RDC GLOKOR has experienced technical and management staff, oversees the company’s operations and supporting ongoing work.

Technical and intellectual potential

At the employees’ disposal are equipped office rooms, a conference and teaching room, a CAD station, a chemical laboratory, an automation in industrial processes laboratory in a low hall attached to the building, as well as garage and workshop facilities. In addition, the wealth of RDC GLOKOR include intangible assets that were generated during R & D works: patents and patent applications, know-how and industrial design. RDC GLOKOR has an air-conditioned server room and a fiber-optic connection that supports a fast network inside the building and provides project management and archiving project documentation based on the Redmine platform.

RDC GLOKOR received public funding under three projects:

  • No. RPSL.01.02.02-00-518/08-00: „Development and implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 in the company GLOKOR Ltd. in Gliwice „,
  • No. UDA-POIG.08.02.00-24-085/12-00: „Implementation of an integrated B2B system in order to improve the management of GLOKOR Ltd. and its partners”,
  • No. UDA-POIG.01.04.00-24-124/11-00: „Development of an innovative and environment-friendly technology for the production of biodegradable polymers”.
  • in the total amount of EUR 2.050.023,50 with the value of projects EUR 3.527.323,65.

Commercialization of research results

RDC GLOKOR from the beginning of its activity is focused on developing their technologies and implementation of products/services to the market. The research staff are involved in the work to ensure the appropriate technical level of technology in order to guarantee high-quality effects. The table below presents the most important commercialized results of research work with an indication of the number of R & D employees involved and revenues generated from commercialization. In addition to the six demonstrated projects, RDC GLOKOR has implemented several small projects for dedicated solutions with short commercialization time and low series of products. Currently, research and development works are carried out on own solutions and for clients who have obtained funds under the available funding.

Examples of commercialized research:


Project title/product/service


Scientific staff

1996 – 2003

Insecticide plate

> 2 mln pcs, 3.5 mln EUR


1997 – 2009

Javel’s water (in different packages: 1, 5, 20 kg)

>3.000 t, 1.6 mln EUR


2009 – 2011

Repair and reclamation of LCD display up to 21 inches

ca. 120 000 pcs

0.54 mln EUR


2004 – 2010

Recycling services for transportation company concerning technology for cleaning of overheated cooling fluids

> 120 kt, 1.5 mln EUR


2012 – 2015

Development of an innovative and environmentally friendly technology for the production of biodegradable polymers (EU support)

3.1 mln EUR assets as a depreciation / own technology / patent


1996 – 2017

R&DC GLOKOR dedicates products and services in the framework of own R&D works

c.a. 6.75 mln EUR


Examples of current own research:


Project title/product/service


Scientific staff

2012 basic research

od 2017 industrial research

The production of food products from germinating seeds is currently being developed. The four solutions have been submitted for patent protection including EU patent protection.

High potential of the product and technology / patent


Examples of research currently carried out on behalf of projects with co-financing:


Project title/product/service


Scientific staff


Development of a universal tool platform in the SaaS model for the automation and standardization of the production of dedicated solutions for the SME sector to optimize business processes. RPO 1.2.1

The contract value

75.000,00 EUR


03.2018 – 11.2018

Development of a frame model of a cargo-type bicycle. PARP 2.3.2

The contract value

42.810,00 EUR


03.2018 – 08.2019

Development of a diagnostic system supporting the analysis of the full time job in enterprises. PARP 2.3.2

The contract value

50.000,00 EUR



Stage 1

05.2018 – 10.2018

Stage 2

2020, 3 months

Maximization of energy efficiency of a six-electrode submerged arc furnace for the production of high-grade silicon alloys by developing innovative solutions, especially the furnace power supply system. NCBR 1.1.1-6/2017

The contract value

102.400,00 EUR

( Stage 1 – 84.137,45 EUR)


A proposal for the investor

RDC GLOKOR is looking for an investment partner to use the human resources and technical potential to intensify ongoing and future R & D works. Research works are directed at effective solving of difficult problems, leading to the creation of new knowledge and products that are subject to patent protection. Intangible assets will in the future be a key part of the company’s commercial value. It is assumed that a part of the IP will be implemented through licensing to external entities and special purpose companies.

RDC GLOKOR offers implementation of R & D works in the field of energy, with a particular focus on improving energy efficiency, using renewable and waste energy in production processes, as well as developing innovative solutions in the area of improving technological processes.

Moreover, offers R & D works in the field of projects development based on Blockchain technology.

In addition, the Centre’s portfolio includes developed solutions from other fields, including a new type of healthy bread, or a new anti-corrosion coating system.

Business model

Fig. 1. Business model

RDC GLOKOR assumes the implementation of a business model based on three pillars:

  1. Implementation of research works for large enterprises and / or Investment Funds and to sign a long-term research and development contract.
  2. Implementation of research and commercialization of results in the form of sales of products and services.
  3. Commercial provision of intangible assets created by RDC GLOKOR to external entities.

In the latter case, it is also assumed to create special purpose companies that will operate based on the licenses granted for IP.