Investor Relations

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The purpose of this document is to present the enterprise Research & Development Centre GLOKOR Sp. z o.o. to potential business partners (shareholders or stakeholders). R&D Centre GLOKOR is currently in process of transformation and development.

Our strategic objective is to create a private, independent, Scientific Institute of the nature of Research and Development in Central and Eastern Europe, compatible with the financial systems of the European Union and non- EU members.

Our key philosophy assumes that we as a research centre operate in a social environment. utilising resources that society offers us (employees, technology, natural resources and infrastructure).

R&D Centre GLOKOR’s excellent location in Gliwice, in the neighbourhood of the Silesian University, several research centres and design offices, provides the availability of scientific personnel: experts and engineers with expertise in a vast range of knowledge fields, which are beneficial to our future project execution.

The research unit called “Research and Development Centre GLOKOR Sp. z o.o.” (R&D Centre) was founded in the year 1996.

From March 2015 to August 2016 all work undertaken by the R&D Centre was under the status of a scientific unit, as awarded by the Ministry of Economy. In subsequent years, it is planned again to gradually apply for special status. Permanent maintenance of the special status and adhering to the parameterisation of the R&D Centre will ensure GLOKOR (as a scientific unit), a sustainable market share in this part of Europe functioning as a private and independent entity.

Moreover, R&D Centre GLOKOR possesses the infrastructure and great potential that enable expert service provision, conducting of research, and implementation of high standards for their partners and customers. The conduction of thorough investments will facilitate R&D Centre GLOKOR in creating a model of cooperation in order to support the process of communication between the world of science and business, by implementing joint research and commercialisation.

Leading universities and scientific research units from the country and abroad, moreover representatives of industry and foundations are invited to cooperate. The purpose of these activities is to create optimal conditions for researchers interested in solving practical problems in areas such as: evaluation of new technologies, environmental protection, electrical engineering, chemistry, renewable energy, technology and business processes optimisation, automation and agriculture. All activities are directed towards the commercialisation of development solutions.

Among the issues which are within the scope of interests of R&D Centre GLOKOR include: the wider economy of municipal resources including the disposal of municipal waste, bio-waste management , waste from water treatment plants, as well as the analysis of the processes of production and processing of milk, the development and automation of production lines, reduction of energy consumption, renewable energy, electrical engineering, IT technologies.

Thanks to the completion of the extension of the infrastructure project, as of September 2012 CBR GLOKOR has their own modern chemical laboratories equipped with specialised equipment that make it conducive for offering additional services to partners and clients as well as running research and development projects.

Additionally, there are also associated apparatus for the automation of industrial processes. Technical background is complemented by a modern infrastructure and a fast Ethernet 1 Gb/s. Thanks to the implementation of the project UDA-POIG.08.02.00-24-085/12-00, organised by the State Agency for Enterprise Development within the framework of European Union structural funds, R&D Centre GLOKOR has created and equipped a modern server, high performance, which certainly is able to meet even the most difficult challenges of transmission, processing and safe storage of data. The existing infrastructure includes: Laboratory of CAD/CAM Computer Supporting and a modern audiovisual conference room.

Regardless of their own experience, R&D Centre GLOKOR employs on projects execution researchers and industry experts ( including for example designers, consultants) to be able to execute projects in all phases starting from research – lab testing – unit designing – procurement & construction – to start-up activities including required personal training sessions. Another important aspect for R&D Centre GLOKOR is seeking the opportunity to support young scientists through involvement in Master and PhD research works and degree preparation.

Technical support for existing R&D departments is provided by staff with years of experience, whose skills are appreciated by the clients in domestic and foreign markets. 24-hour support, and access to individual departments is controlled electronically.

R&D Centre GLOKOR received in 2010 the ISO 12621 certificate and constantly has been training and educating employees in terms of implementation of standards for continuous company development.

R&D Centre GLOKOR has been evaluated and rewarded for innovative solutions.

One of the most important events in recent years includes participation in the competition for the Conceptual Study of Mono – Incinerating ( for the management of sewage sludge), where the presented innovative solution for sewage sludge management took first place, winning against such international companies as the French VEOLIA.

The above-mentioned ability of R&D Centre GLOKOR facilitated in gaining international contacts and cooperation in the development of methods for working with researchers from all over the world and other scientific teams and institutions of scientific-research. R&D Centre GLOKOR for many years has been adjusting to European and non-European standards of financial institutions.

It is worth mentioning that currently R&D Centre GLOKOR is involved in the creation and maintaining of a unique breed of Braunvieh/Mongolian Brown Swiss cows; this species has been specially adapted for the Mongolian climatic conditions, which has initiated production of dairy products in Mongolia. Moreover, the project is associated with increasing international cooperation with the National University of Mongolia in the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of science-research-development and their implementation, in collaboration with universities and research centres, with Financial Institution support.