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Over the years Centre of Research and Development 'Glokor’ has won the trust and support of plenty of companies and institutions. The fact that they have noticed our activities and decided to support them is a great honour for us. We hope that in the nearest future we will be able to create other common projects and connections that will be beneficial for both parties.

Instytut Chemii Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Our recent research and developmental activities are connected with creating an innovative and pro – ecological technologies of receiving biodegradable polimers within the project „The Support of the Priority Axes’ Special Projects of Research 1 and The Development of Modern Technologies connected with 'Innovative Economy 2007 – 2013′ Operational Programme”. Thus, the company has estalished cooperation with the Institute of Chemistry within the University of Silesia and the Coordinator of Ordered Specialty: Chemistry under the title „Increasing the Numer of Graduates of Chemistry Specialty”. Thanks to the great involvement and practical outlook on a matter on the part of the University of Silesia professor Mr. Michał Daszykowski, we managed to find agreement on crucial aspects of this cooperation.

We are glad to announce that within the same project we also managed to estalish partnership with the Karol Marcinkowski’s Univesity of Medical Science in Poznań. Our work is mostly connected with areas such as: conducting research and developing innovative technologies by CBR GLOKOR L.L.C, students, PhD sttudents, and workers of the Cathedral and Clinic of Neurology of the First Faculty of Medical Science, the know – how consultation and specialised consulting with reference to the conducted R&D activities.
Uniwersytet Medyczny im.Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
Politechnika Śląska w Gliwicach
To meet the social demand to combine education with industry CBR Glokor L.L.C. together with the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice expressed their willingness to establish cooperation in the area of research, education and human resources. The agreement was concluded on December the 23th 2013. The University is 68 years of tradition and it is one of Polish largest and oldest univesities of technology, which is shown in the rankings of universities in Poland. The Univesity’s strong position is additionally confirmed by its scientific and educational achievements of oustanding specialists and numerous succeses on a national and international scale. It is yet another university in Poland that established partnership with us.

We would also like to thank Chief Technical Organisation in Gliwice for their cooperation, kindness and showing support. Technical and substantive support coming from such an experienced and respected entity is our honour and it is of great value for us. We hope that our cooperation will continue and prove to be fruitful for both parties.

NOT Gliwice
Fundacja FortisFundacja Fortis
Centre for Research – Development GLOKOR established in 2013 cooperation with the Fortis Foundation, which is an educational organization, whose main goal is to help small and medium entrepreneurs and companies in the field of safety and efficiency in conducting business in the current twenty-first century. It offers a wide range of support for anyone who needs help, also abroad. The Foundation bases its support on new technologies and best practices used in Europe, the organization promotes the programme of building personal wealth, financial security and independence.

We are also proud of cooperation with the Slovak university SAS – Slovak Academy of Science. The first designs of the establishment of universities were created in 1735, but it was in1792 when „Slovenske ucene tovarisstvo” began its existence. Currently, the university is recognized around the world thanks to its successful research. SAS is made up of 69 organizations, 48 of which are public and 21 private. In addition, it brings together 51 scientific societies. The university also issues 53 scientific and professional magazines.
SAS-Slovak Academy of Science
CBR GLOKOR has also established cooperation with Science – Technology Park 'Technopark’ Gliwice L.L.C. To achieve mutual benefits through intensifying activieties in the implementation of innovative solutions, collaboration between organizations and joint promotional initiatives of ’Technopark’. Science – Technology Park 'Technopark’ was founded over 10 years ago. It is a research – developmental institution, which creates a friendly environment for innovative business. It supports the creation and implementation of innovative projects and business-oriented product development, production methods and services in high-tech industries. Thanks to the cooperation with scientists, Park is also an excellent partner in the commercialization of results of scientific and technological research
We are pleased to announce that the CBR GLOKOR established yet another valuable cooperation with an Eastern partner „IQ Invest Ukraine„. The company «IQ Invest Ukraine» is a consulting firm providing professional services in Ukraine and Western Europe in the field of management, finance and investment as well as legal advice since 2008.



logoWe are glad to announce that the Centre for Research – Development GLOKOR also works with the Knowledge Factory, which combined in their business experience and passion, and the motto „Learning is an Active Process of Thought. The more colorful, vibrant, and entertaining education is, the more effective it is.” It is extremely motivating and gives you a unique chance to convey to the young generation the knowledge and understanding of the unusual world of chemistry, physics and biology.

We are also pleased to announce that our R&D company signed an agreement on cooperation with the Technical University in Ostrava – Department of Economics. ostrawa


SCHWARZENBERG FOUNDATION is registered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, and sole aim is to serve clients in need of wealth management and business advisory services and assistance. The company emanates from restructuring of old age family foundation dating back to 1934. Other Sister Companies includes SG PROJECT HOLDING AG, BCG and IT Consulting Group are representing core area includes the business of trustee and due diligence services, company foundation, consultancy and administration, marketing management, business development and investment strategies tax advice, financial planning and investment consultancy. SCHWARZENBERG FOUNDATION and Sister Companies are accustomed to asset management with problem-solver skills tailored in line with clients needs. Strong client management skills alongside drive, energy and enthusiasm, capable of generating viable solutions utilizing reputation acquired for the provision of service excellence – maintaining strong team building and facilitator.

SG PROJECT HOLDING AG is experienced trust managers with practical knowledge of trust and business administration in addition to having what it takes to create appropriate investment strategies in line with client wish. BCG, IT Consulting Group and SGPH as trust specialists have the practical know-how to to go ahead with the clients international business case on a easy to use way and went into Joint Venture contracts all over the world. SG PROJECT HOLDING AG and IT Consulting Group is trust service company with global reach and have clients that comes from all over the world. We do have representatives all over Europe, Canada, USA, Asia as well in some of the Arabic Countries.

Research & Development Center  Glokor has been started  cooperation with  the Zawiercie Industrial Park – Technology ( Agency Zawiercie)  related to the development of Zawiercie city.
Development Agency Zawiercie was established on June 1, as the budget entity municipality, according to the resolution of the city council in Zawiercie No. VII / 42/15 dated 29 April 2015.
Development agencies Zawiercie is located in the building of  industrial park – technology.
The objective of the Agency for Development of Zawiercie is to promote the city, promoting and advertising the advantages of investment, economic, landscape objective of stimulating economic and social development municipality Zawiercie.


PM Group supports the Research and Development Centre of GLOKOR in work activities such as planning, management and execution of complex projects.
Additionally, the PM Group provides workshop training sessions focusing on hard and soft skills.
The PM Group is a group of experts who have years of experience in providing training and project management workshops.

The PM Group belongs to New Motivations Group, which is one of the largest and most respected on the Polish market training organisations, and has been in operation for 17 years. This is confirmed by experience, customers confidence and independent opinions from other companies.
The PM Group as a part of New Motivations Group was chosen as one of the strategic R&D Centre GLOKOR partners in Project Management areas. Together we are working on a new strategy for the development and operation of R&D Centre GLOKOR. Moreover, jointly implemented procedures, tools and techniques will allow R&D Centre to safely conduct securely business in the international market.




The R&D Centre GLOKOR has started cooperation with the Re Alloys LLC company.
Re Alloys has been on the market since 2001 and specializes in the production of ferro-alloys. The aim of this company is efficient production and high-quality products, using innovative environmentally-friendly technologies.
Having their own highly qualified technical staff and management, who know the market and production process of ferro-alloys, the company is constantly seeking effective methods and technological improvements.

The Research and Development Centre GLOKOR signed an agreement of cooperation with Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).
SGH was founded by August Zielinski in 1906 and provides private trade courses. It is the oldest university in Poland, and one of the leading economic universities in Europe. Every year more than 2,000 new alumni leave the walls of the University.
Statistically, every third Economist in Poland in the 20th century was a graduate from the SGH, Warsaw.


Please be inform that R&D Center GLOKOR cooperates and uses the advice of a recognized partner which is the A1 Europe company.
More information available at :

Please be inform that R&D Center GLOKOR cooperates and uses the advice of a recognized partner which is the APAULY company.
More information available at :



Research & Development Center GLOKOR cooperates with innovative company MARCO, which is a modern and dynamically growing company producing labels, seals, pads and packaging. More information available on webpage:

Research & Development Center GLOKOR cooperates with innovative company ENERIS, which is modern entity that supports design, implementation and operation of state-of-the art environmental technologies. More information available on webpage:



Research & Development Center GLOKOR cooperates with innovative company RECUPYL POLAND, which is the leading company of all batteries types and cars batteries in Central Europe recycling. More information available on webpage:

Research & Development Center GLOKOR cooperates with Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. (GAPR) , which is a company with the City of Gliwice as main shareholder, whose the main task is to support micro, small and medium enterprises. The agency conducts intensive activities for science, business, local government and creates favorable conditions for the creation of new companies and the development of existing enterprises. Additionally, as a dynamic Institution of Business Environment provides a platform of dialogue and cooperation between the Silesian entrepreneurs , state and local government authorities. More information available on webpage:


Please be inform that R&D Center GLOKOR has been starting cooperation with the Foundation of Innovative Initiatives. More information available on Additionally CBR has joined to the organize project as part of research services under the name Baltic TRAM. More information on the Webpage:

Please be informed that Research&Development Centre GLOKOR cooperate with the Institute of Cryptography, which is a source of basic knowledge about the world of blockchain technology and innovative IT solutions of our century.
More information available on webpage


Please be informed that based on the framework agreement of cooperation between FORTIS Foundation and Research&Development Centre GLOKOR , ForMed Medical Center has been established. ForMed is the first of three planned projects to be developed within the agreement of a pilot program carried out by research and development activities, which aim is to launch highly specialized services within the normobaric chambers in the special purpose company according to the business model of CBR GLOKOR.
More information is available on



We would like to thank the company Energoprojekt Gliwice for their cooperation, kindness and showing support. Support in connection with the launch of alternative communication ways to our research and scientific facilities was especially important for us and therefore we express our gratitude on our website.