Modern solutions in the power industry and automation 11.10.2019 Knurów

Please be inform that PhD Tomasz Kraszewski, President of the Board R&D Center GLOKOR participated in „Modern solutions in the power industry and automation „ conference in Knurów which hold on 11’th October 2019 .
The subject of the conference included electrical industry company presentation were as follows:
Photovoltaic sources – innovative solutions for production technology – ML SYSTEM S.A.,
Wiring in intelligent installation systems and amendment – discussion of the latest changes in the construction law – ZAKŁADY KABLOWE BITNER Sp. z o.o.,
Innovative solutions of ABB in the field of measuring devices (transmitters, laser sensors, smart-sensor for motor and pump diagnostics) ABB Sp. z o.o.,
Presentation of electrical installation equipment – boxes and telecommunication switchgears – PANASONIC Sp. z o.o.,
Protection of employees with regard to appropriate health and safety equipment – DELTA +

The presentation introduced the conference participants to new technology solutions and legal aspects related to them. They were the inspiration for a lively discussion between the participants.

More information is available on webpage: