Market research and analysis of entrepreneurs demand in the field of research and development in the field of innovative industry

Please be inform the R&D Center GLOKOR received invitation from the Marshal’s Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship, Investors and Exporters Service Center to participated in a market research and analysis of the demand of entrepreneurs in the area of research and development in the innovative industry field in terms of the Space Technologii Park investment planned project in Zielona Góra / Nowy Kisielin.


The Park’s activity profile will include:

  • implementation of modern and innovative elements of industrial and space technologies (material engineering, strength tests, robotic systems),
  • modern data center – Data Center (collocation, virtualization, archiving, on-line training, backup / backup in real-time),
  • rapid prototyping (software, technologies: PolyJetMatrix, SLS, FDM, 3D scanning system),
  • research and implementation work in the area of innovative technologies (satellite electronics, design, construction and testing of nano-satellites, testing electronic components due to radiation),
  • the use of space signals in: inter alia, data transmission and processing (satellite earth station, cryptography and encrypted data transmission in satellite navigation and telecommunications systems, counteracting cyber threats)
  • diagnostics and modern methods of employees treatment and modern workplaces (space medicine).