Intellectual Property

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The strategy of intellectual property protection in R&D Center GLOKOR

Intellectual Property is about identifying, protecting and leveraging R&D Center GLOKOR’s intellectual value. It is one of the most important aspects of development regarding R&D Center GLOKOR’s strategic vision, which facilitates the promotion of innovation and creativity.

Additionally, the purpose of Intellectual Property is to outline how to capture and protect valuable assets to help drive sustainable growth, competitive advantage and influence in the scientific world and industry.

Therefore R&D Center GLOKOR constantly has been making efforts to effectively manage to Intellectual Property by the implementation of new standards and procedures, which help develop and protect know-how knowledge.

Another crucial element of R&D Center GLOKOR Intellectual Property activities is the staff members’ development program – helping bring new ideas and potentially patentable subjects. So one of the essential development program a is to participate in conferences and seminars ( see reference list)

Patent’s / invention notification’s

  1. Number P. 414120 – Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Receive a biopolymer from the dairy industry waste acid and/or sweet of rennet, including installation for receiving biopolymer the dairy industry waste acid and/or sweet of rennet

Patent’s / employee invention notification’s

  1. No P.418286 Method of making bread with the additive of oilseed flax
  2. No P.418287 Method of making bread with the additive of wheat grain
  3. No P.418288 Method of making bread with the additive of turmeric

LICENSES: the number of license granted (patents, know-how, software): 1

Application of industrial designs

  1. Industrial design of the PLA Cup in the Office for harmonization in the internal market OHIM Alicante, certificate No 002769737-0001


Scientific publications

  1. Maślanka S., Siołek M., Hamryszak Ł., Łopot D.: Using milk industry waste in production of biodegradable polymers , CHEMIK 2014, 68, 8, pp. 703–709, ISSN 0009-2886, Lista czasopism punktowanych MNISW z dnia 17.12.2013 wykaz B, poz. 386.
  2. Maślanka S., Kos A., Bańczyk M., Czopek I., Adam Ł., Dorszewska J., Starczewska K.: Study of concentration of lactic acid obtained In the process of lactic fermentation of lactose contained in the spent whey using Lactobacillus., CHEMIK 2015, 69, 4, pp. 241–251, ISSN 0009-2886, Lista czasopism punktowanych MNISW z dnia 31.12.2014 wykaz B, poz. 379.
  3. Kraszewski T., Sztymelski K.: The voltage asymmetry of batteries discharge in the off-grid solar systems. SURFINT-SREN IV 23-26 November 2015, Florence, Italy.
  4. Maślanka S. „Chemical suicide ‚ – dangerous phenomenon for the emergency services. Monthly magazine ”w Akcji” No 4/2016.

Conference / Seminar – last five year participation

  1. V – Reunion of Alumni the TOP 500 Innovators – 24-25 November 2016 in Warsaw
  2. The Festival of innovation and technology in Center of Education and Business „New Gliwice” at 17-18.11.2016
  3. Civil dialogue – Investing in a healthy development – Poland in the EU – 27.10.2016
  4. IV Congress Of Polish Entrepreneurship-Business Forum. The theme of the Congress was „Tripartite division of the Polish economy -business-science-the local government” – 24-25.10.2016
  5. XI scientific and technical conference SITG „Environmental Protection in MINING AREAS” organized under the patronage of the Minister of Energy and the Main Country Geologist – 19-21.10.2016 in Ustroń.
  6. CLP Consultation on the chemicals related legislation
  7. Summary audit of Innovation Conference – TECHNOPARK GLIWICE 17.06.2016.
  8. 8. XXXIX Edition of the „Chromatographic test methods of organic compounds” Symposium, Szczyrk 31.05-06.06.2016.
  9. The second edition of the networking meeting „one billion in the patent”- Warsaw 10.05.2016.
  10. Conference on latest trends in innovation with the participation of the best Polish and international experts R&D-14.04.2016.
  11. XVII TECHMILK seminar – Mikołajki 16.02 – 19.02.2016.(XVII seminarium TECHMILK – 16.02 – 19.02.2016).
  12. TRIZ Seminar— 25.01.2016 Business School of Warsaw University
  13. IV Scientific Conference „Myths and Realities in 21st century – Genetically Modified Food GMOS” Hotel Lord Conference Center in Warsaw – 07.11.2015
  14. Conference links to Cooperative Food for Health Food4Good -Palace Tłokni- 06.10.2015
  15. Seminars and projects for the financing of:
    • Seminar associated with the European Bank cooperation in reconstruction and development – 14.09. 2015 
    •  Seminar associated with the European Commission about financial mechanisms the so-called blending – 28.09.2015
    •  Seminar associated with the European Commission about financing of foreign projects (PRAG training, building of consortia) – 9.10. 2015
    •  The World Bank, the Finance International Corporation – possibility of collaboration – 4.11.2015
    •  Seminar associated with ONZ public procurement
    •  Training about public procurement and contracts conducted by the EBOiR expert
  16. Pitching session seminar-14.10.2015 London, United Kingdom
  17. Seminar-„possibilities for cooperation with the European Union on emerging markets” – 9.10.2015
  18. III Edition of the International Innovation Forum „new technologies – new horizons” – 30.09.2015 Hotel Gold Silvia in Gliwice
  19. Civil dialogue about on TTIP – 18.09. 2015 in Warsaw
  20. Seminar for entrepreneurs dedicated to the possibilities of the use of the financial support and participation in projects executing by EBRD – 14.09,2015 the headquarters of the Polish National Bank in Warsaw
  21. XVIII Polonia Economic World Conference – partnership for success – 12-13-14.09.2015 in Warsaw
  22. Conference „Polish-Swiss ICT-Sector Meeting” 02.09.2016 Rapperswil, in Switzerland
  23. Conference about „ Employee or Employer Labour Market-investment in human capital „-19.06.2015, Bochnia
  24. IV Edition of the Vienna Energy Forum -18-20.06.2015 the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna
  25. Consumer Energy Forum -12-13.05.2015 in Warsaw
  26. Economic and Scientific Congress 16-17.04.2015 in Warsaw
    Kongres Naukowo Gospodarczy – 16-17.04.2015 Warszawa.
  27. XXXVIII Symposium of „The Chromatographic Organic Compounds Test Methods „
  28. VII European Economic Congress – 20-22.04.2015 in Katowice
  29. Seminar about reconstruction and development – European Bank projects in Ukraine-03.03,2015 the headquarters of the Polish National Bank in Warsaw
  30. Horizon 2020 Conference with the participation of Professor Jerzy Buzek – 27.11.2014 Centre of Congress and Educational – Silesian University of technology
  31. Winter Student Section Congress of Polish Chemical Society in Wroclaw 2014
  32. Conference „How to finance the development of the company: Business Angels, PE / VC funds, banks or stock exchange? – 20.11.2014 in Warsaw
  33. Seminar about European Company entitled „Amendments to the Act on packaging and waste” expected changes in the EU, the new law in Poland, the obligations for Entrepreneurs” – 11.18.2014 Warsaw
  34. Conference about „We cut risks are increasing company profits” – 11.07.2014 Expo Silesia in Sosnowiec.
    (Konferencja pt. “Tniemy Ryzyko Zwiększamy Zyski Firm” – 07.11.2014 Expo Silesia w Sosnowcu)
  35. Economic Congress – 22-23.10.2014 in Warsaw
  36. Seminar on spectroscopic techniques and application for HPLC, GC and MS – 21-22.10.2014 in Jachranka
  37. Conference about Intellectual Capital – Measurement, Management and the Company Competitiveness – 13.10.2014 in Warsaw.
  38. III Scientific Meeting of Students and Doctoral – „Between the Teachings” – 26.09.2014 in Chorzow.
  39. „Between the Teachings – Chemists and Physicists Congress 2014” III National Conference of Students and PhD in Chorzow.
  40. Seminar about most popular analytical techniques and application of GC and HPLC in environmental and food analysis – 23-24.06.2014 Park Hotel Diament in Katowice
  41. Seminar about „Sources of funding in the new financial perspective 2014-2020 for MŚP” – 28.03.2014 in Katowice
  42. Conference about „European Funds for Silesian Entrepreneurs province – experience and perspectives” – 16.12.2013, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Silesia, in Katowice.
  43. Seminar about „ Cell Cultures and Analysis” – 09.10.2013 Medical University of Silesia in Katowice
  44. Seminar about „Chromatographic Techniques and application in organic synthesis” – 26.09.2013 Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice
  45. 56 PTChem and SITPChem Scientific Congress „Chemistry – traditions and new challenges” 12.10.2013 in Siedlce