For sale photovoltaic farms projects in Poland

Acting on behalf of our strategic partner Mr. Jarosław Kołodziejczyk , we would like to present you our proposal referring to the sale of photovoltaic farms projects in Poland.
Currently we are developing the following projects:

· A Project with low photovoltaic parameters of 1 MW. This projects has already won an Energy Bid and currently has a valid building permit.

· Projects with the largest photovoltaic parameters – these projects have different parameters: 10 MW, 30 MW, 50 MW. They are developed separately by dedicated companies and currently they are at different project stages of development. Our project documentation includes: signed contract of land lease, issued environmental decisions, development plan and actual maps for design purposes.

Additionally R&D Centre GLOKOR possesses the research infrastructure, great potential and experience necessary for executing integrated services like Engineering design and combination of multidiscipline expertise and support for procurement including vendor selection and construction services

We are able to provide our services for foreign investors in Russian, English, Norway and German languages.

Should you have any questions, please send queries to: or call +48 327436153