Department of waste management

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Department of waste management is one of the oldest section operating within the framework of our Centre. Our many years of experience mean we can offer a wide range of services performed by professional staff with appropriate technical resources and knowledge necessary for the proper execution of orders.
We are mobile and well organized.

Our services are:

  1. Services for the care of greenery and create new forms for existing areas. We also cuts nourishing, cuttings of trees. The well-kept grounds is our specialty, and for you can be a wonderful showcase.

  2. Services for permanent cleaning m. Al. Resource cooperative, community and others.

  3. Services for disinfection, disinfestation and deratisation as well as deodorization.
    We use the latest products for pest control. About our professionalism evidenced by our membership in the Association of Polish workers DDD.

  4. Roof snow removal services, taking care of sidewalks and streets. With our company winter will no longer be terrible!

  5. Services related to repairs and mowing watercourses (ditches), cleaning, clearing streams and waste removal of the landscaping in the liquidation of illegal dumps.


In following the spirit of the times, and ensupromocja_82ring efficient and comfortable working conditions, the Centre of Research and Development Glokor implements the information system. Thanks to this solution collaboration with partners has been further improved.