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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in R&D Centre Glokor

In our Centre, we understand the needs of social interest and issues related to environment protection which should be taken into account. Therefore, we are constantly developing and applying solutions that are elements of CSR strategy.

The socio-environmental goals in the scope of CSR in CBR GLOKOR

  1. Increase the impact of employees on the company’s activity through: model development of the collection, verification and implementation of employee ideas.


Employee involvement in service providing provision while meeting contractors’ requirements. This is important from the point of view of achieving a high level of business partner, not only in terms of processing their recommendations but also in relation to further order submission. The achievement of these goals has also a huge impact on the level of staff motivation, translating into commitment and quality.

Thanks to this, R&D Centre GLOKOR employs individuals with an excellent knowledge base as well as a passion for science, we have huge potential in our organization, allowing the creation of staff ideas Collection Model, verification , and implementation , which yields additional value for R&D Centre GLOKOR, enabling us to become a leader in these fields. Employees have varied experience and expertise, but with daily practices, new ideas are created and have significant influence on strategic company advantage.


  1. ekologiaMinimising the negative impact on the environment through: the creation and implementation of the Eco-Office principles

In the interests of environmental protection we focused on creating a positive image of our Centre. We have taken steps to increase our awareness and activity in the field of environment care, resulting in savings , but above all to prevent further destruction of our planet.

  1. To increase the level of company as advantageously socially productive and proactive: the creation and implementation of the stakeholders information system about CSR activities

peopleAccording to the new management model we can say that we are socially and environmentally knowledgeable company. All our stakeholders on a regular basis are informed about all our activities. This way we strengthen our image which translates into financial results and in the long term builds a high competitive position.

  1. To increase the level of company perception as highly proactive in environmental and local awareness: participation in local charity action „szlachetna paczka”

We have increased the level of R&D Centre GLOKOR perception as responsible and socially involved. We have taken action to support the local community which affects the level of positive perception of our Centre by the neighbourhood.


We are aware of quality importance in achieving the strategic goals which improve the level of service and provide positive economic results.