Blockchain Technology in Research&Development Centre GLOKOR

As a scientific unit, we are interested in the latest developments in the field of blockchain technology. We are looking at the development of this field with curiosity and we are confident that in the near future, such solution will play a key role in many areas of life.
We are already planning to create several innovative project based on the blockchain technology, moreover we are at the stage of recruiting blockchain developers for our new projects.

We are confident that using this technology to develop our products and services, which have been created in CBR GLOKOR as a result of many years of scientific work, will allow for greater flexibility, transparency and improve the direct relationship with customer of our products and services.
In the near future, we are going to proceed to collect funds for our projects using ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
Our intention is to become the market leader in the field of initialization of blockchain-based projects in order to develop new scientific inventions.