4th edition of the Battery Experts Forum Poland, Gliwice from 19th to 21st September 2017.

International conference devoted to the storage of energy and the electric motorization, Battery Experts of the Poland Forum, once again in Gliwice, this time will held on September 19-21, 2017.
During the conference the latest trend and market analyses from the section of independent delivery systems and the storage of energy will be presented. Additionally new technologies including the lithium-ion technology in battery operated systems and magazines of the energy will be described. Moreover trends on the market of powering vehicles and electric buses will be discussed.
Poland the Battery Experts edition of the Forum is the greatest conference devoted to advanced solutions from the field of independent delivery systems and the storage of energy. Described technologies concern the wide scope of products starting from electrical appliances, of systems of the storage of energy (for the installation photovoltaic „on-grid” and „off-grid”) through batteries into bicycles and electric scooters, cars and electric buses.

They are exercising the honourable patronage of the event Technical University of Silesia in Gliwice, Nationalist Centre of the Research and Development (NCBiR) and Ministry of the Energy. More about this event here http://www.battery-experts-forum.com/gliwice_home